An experienced global business and solutions consultant

I am an entrepreneur, an experienced management consultant and a recognized expert in the fields of digitization, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. I have extensive experience in global trading. Earlier in my life I studied business administration and did a masters in business management. After that, I continued my education in Germany and the United States, specializing in digitization, AI and blockchain technology to continue my career in business. Currently based in Europe as well as Turkey and China, I work closely with business owners and managers to improve operations and efficiencies. I work with the aim of improving operations and efficiency in order to achieve the company’s goals. 

An experienced writer in the field of blockchain technology

Welcome to the world of Blockchain! I am the author of the book The Blockchain Compass. The book is available in German and English. The book contains the details and history of blockchain technology. It also explains why the world’s leading companies are using the technique and promoting security and privacy. It contains all the information about how companies use blockchain technology. It shows future applications as they can be suitable for companies. It provides a list of steps the customer needs to take to ensure the best-in-class solutions catch on with the big corporations. 

A little bit about Global Business Consulting Solutions…

We offer professional all-in-one consulting solutions for global companies, particularly focused on the areas of digitization, global trade and artificial intelligence. Our goal is to provide eco-friendly solutions for almost all types of businesses. Basically, as a business consultant, I ensure that global business connections are established that can easily and quickly work with all leading companies around the world. I provide expert solutions to IT professionals, marketers and manufacturers by working closely with business owners and managers to improve overall operations. I only determine the goals of the company to overcome the obstacles.

  • Identifying business goals
  • Determine & implement changes
  • Provide resources for employees and management
  • Promotion of business planning solutions
  • Implement new business changes
  • Analysis of conditions to achieve business goals


Our range of services:

  • Business Strategies and Improvement
  • Organizational design & performance
  • Operational Restrictions
  • leadership in safety

Our only mission is to share success and promote knowledge

All my efforts are aimed at conveying gradual growth in the company. I can rely on an international network of more than 200 companies and freelance experts who work directly with the specialist solutions in analysis, programming, enforcement and marketing. It is thanks to this network that you can get customized global solutions in the most efficient way to achieve your goals.

  • As a business consultant, my idea is to identify business owners’ problems and give them a complete picture of their business. Thorough analysis of business operations makes it possible to see everything a business owner might not see. The expertise usually serves to provide the company with invaluable insights to help them decide on the new solutions in the industry.
  • My perspective is to design campaigns and business plans for the most difficult situations. Therefore, each plan is developed with thorough research so that it can be easily put into practice by recognizing all strengths and weaknesses. The core perspectives help to find creative solutions that are essential for the success of the company.
  • Recognizing the pain points and taking the time to find solutions to those areas helps the business succeed more easily. Research with a targeted marketing plan always pays off for the company. It increases overall sales.

Why our global business consulting solutions?

“We choose the best strategies by incorporating technological solutions to influence businesses and add luster to them.”

  • Unlock ideas for business growth:  As a business consultant, collective intelligence and extensive expert knowledge help entrepreneurs to harness success at all levels. The innovative methods unlock the potential to achieve business goals with actionable plans.
  • Fast Results:  The collective methodology provides a foundation for transforming overall strategies to achieve better performance outcomes. It brings lasting benefits for process improvement with long-term, rapid results. 
  • Business Brilliance:  The excellence approach uncovers the root causes of critical risk, optimal performance and opportunity across the organization. The support of the companies helps them to achieve reliable results. 

If you would like more information about our services, you can send us your questions today. We offer the best services worldwide. Make the right decision and book your services with us.


All my efforts are focused on your success and I can draw on an international network of more than 200 companies and freelance experts working directly in the fields of analysis, programming, implementation and marketing. Thanks to this network, you can get tailor-made total solutions that will help you achieve your goals in the most efficient way.

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